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Dear All,

Welcome to a two-day introductory ‘Earth Building Workshop’ (using mud and local/natural materials) at Van Vadi on Dec 25-26, to be conducted by Sourabh Phadke! (see:

This will be followed by a week-long ‘Earth Building Work-camp/ shram-utsav’ from Dec 27 to Jan 2 – to build and expand our existing stream-side dwelling, which presently has a raised mud floor and a clay tile roof on wood-poles and bamboo rafters, but no walls. (The work at the shram-utsav will also include de-silting our stream-beds/water bodies, and harvesting the soil for building as well as gardening.)

As we need to limit the number of workshop (Dec 25-26) participants to thirty, please ‘register’ soon! (About 10 have already confirmed.) In case responses exceed 30, preference will be given to those who reply early, confirming that they will also attend at least 3 days of the work-camp. Your ‘registration’ should include a brief introduction of yourself, with copies marked to Bharat, Neesha and Sourabh. (For the shram utsav, Dec 27 to Jan 2, we have enough work for willing hands, and hence no ceiling on the number of participants.)

On Jan 2, Sourabh may conduct a supplementary workshop on ‘earth building add-ons, finishing, relief work and sculpting’. But the final announcement regarding this will be made on Dec 26 at Van Vadi.

Voluntary contributions are most welcome and helpful! These would be shared: 70% to Sourabh (for conducting the workshop); and 30% to Van Vadi (for food, stay and a great natural ambience). While we may suggest a contribution of Rs 800 per person for the introductory two-day workshop (inclusive of food and stay), a lesser or larger contribution would be equally welcome.

For the shram-utsav / work-camp, we suggest a voluntary contribution of Rs 120 per day towards Van Vadi. Again, less or more would be equally welcome.

Nights will be quite cold and you need to be suitably equipped with a sleeping bag/woolen blanket, pullover, and whatever else you might need, including a flashlight. We presently offer only a floor and roof for shared, rustic accommodation. (If you have a tent, you are welcome to bring it.) There is no electricity or piped water. But also no mosquitoes.

Our rock pool (quite deep) would still have enough water to swim. But non-swimmers should not to venture in it unless there are a couple of good swimmers close at hand to help, and keeping a watchful eye on you.

In the evenings, we hope to have discussions on evolving an ecological forest village community and non-formal learning centre. Post-dinner, there would be music and singing; so please don’t forget to bring your music instruments.

And feel free to pass the word to whoever may be interested.

Looking forward to see you!



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