summer school on earthen structures

Altough earth plays a crucial role for a social, fair econmoical and ecological
development of the building future, it lacks in the training of architects,
engineers and craftmen/women.

Together with the Technical University Munich, the University of Architecture
Grenoble (CRATerre - ENSAG), the International Union of Architects (UIA), the
city of Gmunden and the brick factory EDER, BASEhabitat launched for the
first time an international summer school on modern earthen structures.

29 participants from 17 countries from all over the world came to work with
raw erath, by testing the material and the seismic qualities, analysing on an
excursion to earth architecture in Vorarlberg and hearing top-class lectures.
Within the hands-on part the participants builded under supervision of
Martin Rauch and Anna Heringer to small structures, a dressing room at the
lake beach and steles on the esplanade of the lake Traunsee.
These two buildings are permant and apperant signs of the deep involvement.

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